365 DRY

365DRY was born from a team of ocean lovers residing in Bali, Indonesia who despaired at seeing the daily plastic trash occupying the sea, oceans and rivers. A beautiful paradise island littered by mans throwaway consumables. Of course, this is not isolated to Bali, but seeing the issue right in front of their eyes, inspired them to not just talk about it, but take some action. Bali experiences a heavy rain season. Throwaway, cheap, nasty-looking plastic ponchos are EVERYWHERE! We simply thought… it doesn’t have to be this way!

To create a product that not only replaced the throwaway plastic poncho, but did something about the already created plastic which takes the Earth years to destroy. 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year, and only 10-13% is ever reused, causing a devastating effect to our environment.

The challenge was hard. Lack of available sustainable and ethical suppliers, and awareness, meant they had to work hard and fight to create the product they envisaged. And so, fight they did.

365 DRY didn’t want to just make a sustainable alternative to the single-use plastic poncho. They wanted to create a far superior version that their customers would be proud to wear and keep for years and years.

The result… an eco-friendly, quality rain poncho which not only looks great, but does the one job it’s meant to- keep you dry.

365DRY invested in a beautiful, innovative material made from recycling discarded plastic bottles. Every one of their Rain Ponchos is made from 40 recycled plastic bottles. That’s 40 ocean-bound and landfill-destined plastic bottles given purpose again.