Saint + Sofia

Based in London, Saint + Sofia creates modern luxury fashion and accessories with a twist.

Saint + Sofia fuses art and science and have built a smart supply chain using data science, machine learning and lean manufacturing principles. What is special about this brand is that through their innovation in the supply chain, they are able to offer their clothes at a relatively low rate compared to other sustainable brands. They aim for efficiency to be sustainable, reduce costs and want to minimise their impact on the environment.

The brand works with family owned fabric mills and leather tanneries in Italy, Portugal and Turkey and have dedicated sampling studios and production facilities in Italy and Bulgaria. Their tailors and seamstresses use modern technology or work by hand to finish every style with care. The dedicated production team oversees the production of every style and visit the production facilities on a weekly basis. 

Collections are limited and fabrics are used for different items such as a T-shirt and dress in the same fabric. This is an example of minimising the amount of waste and reduce prices.