In 2006, the American traveler Blake Mycoskie met children in a village in Argentina and discovered that they had no shoes to protect their feet. To help them, he set up TOMS®, a company that donates a pair of new shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes sold: One for One™. Now with the purchase of a pair of TOMS a pair is donated to a person in need.

Blake realized that One for One™ could also help meet other global needs and then launched TOMS® Eyewear. When purchasing sunglasses, a person in need is helped to restore their eyesight.

 In 2014, TOMS Roasting Co. was established with the aim of providing clean water to development areas through the sale of premium coffee.

Over the past 13 years, the company has been able to make an impact on more than 96.5 million people through relief organizations by providing shoes, vision repair operations, safe water and impact grants.

So the shoes you buy are not only beautiful, trendy and colourful but also good cause in themselves.

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