Kitty Clogs Sweden

Kitty Clogs Sweden is an independent footwear brand based in the UK founded by four women who had fallen in love with the swedish clog. Driven by a true love for beautiful, handmade items and the determination to keep traditional crafts and manufacturing methods alive, they have been designing consciously crafted clogs that are connected to their roots since 2016.

Their clogs reflect and respect where they have come from and how they are made. They use natural, sustainably sourced materials and organic vegetable dyes. Each purchase supports small, family-run businesses and traditional crafts in a world where they are threatened by cheap, low-quality, mass-produced alternatives. This is slow fashion. They are striving towards a fairer future for fashion and a world in which good-quality, well-designed pieces are thoughtfully and sensitively produced and purchased.


The Kitty Clogs family tree starts with a traditional work shoe. Clogs have been worn for centuries in rural and industrial settings around the world as protective and practical footwear that is well-loved for being hard-wearing and comfortable. The first recorded wooden shoes were made from Alder wood. Just like the Kitty Clogs are today.

The wooden bases are made from Alder wood which grows naturally in controlled FSC certified forests. Alder trees grow best near the water, in wet woodlands or on river banks. Because of this the wood is naturally tolerant to moisture, making it an ideal material for making clogs because the wood does not crack, rot or shrink easily when exposed to the elements. This, combined with Alder wood’s magic insulating properties and lightweight nature, ensure that your Kitty Clogs keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. Each Kitty Clogs wooden base is crafted by hand and individually checked to ensure the highest standard of quality. Any bases that are not used go back into the heating and running of the workshop in Sweden.

Traditional Swedish Träskor (“wooden shoe”) have always been made with a leather upper as opposed to their fully-wooden cousins the Dutch Klompen. The leather is sustainably sourced by a small, family-run Italian tannery and dyed using environmentally friendly methods and organic vegetable dyes. Time-honoured patterns and methods are used to ensure the least amount of wastage during production.


After meeting a family in Sweden who have been handcrafting traditional träskor since the 1950’s, the founder Sacha fell in love with the clogs and decided to bring them to the UK. As she embarked on this adventure, serendipity brought together a team of women who together began transforming the Swedish träskor into the ever-evolving collection that it is today. They are only a small team but have a shared vision and great ambition.

Sacha, Jess, Becks and Louisa are an all female team with combined backgrounds in fashion & textiles, design, illustration and photography. Based on the South coast of the UK, they work together designing and showcasing their clog collection from their seaside home with trips to see our clog-makers in Sweden and Denmark.

Their approach to business centres around our respect for the environment and love of good design, good people and good times.


Kitty Clogs teamed up with the CHOOSE LOVE project from the Help Refugees Charity to create our own CHOOSE CLOGS charity tote bags. All profits from the sale of each bag (£12.25, approximately 13,50 euros) goes directly to the charity to help refugees in need.

Limited Edition Ottowin Hand-Painted Low Dansare Sandal