Immaculate Vegan

A revolution has been taking place in that most fundamental of human activities – what we eat. Fuelled by increasing concerns about the environment, animal welfare and human health, we’ve seen incredible growth in plant-based eating.

Vegan fashion and lifestyle is poised to be the next revolution – and it’s already begun. The predictions are for the vegan women’s fashion market to grow at an even faster rate than vegan food, and in order to meet demand, new brands are launching every week, with collections that make use of innovative alternatives to leather, wool, silk, fur, down and other animal products.

One challenge has been to collect and curate these, in order to show that vegan fashion can be as sophisticated, on-trend and desirable as its non-vegan counterpart, and can match it in both design and quality. That’s where Immaculate Vegan comes in.

Immaculate Vegan is the go-to destination for conscious consumers seeking a more ethical and planet-friendly way of living. They’re creating a new benchmark of beauty and style, driven by purpose, sustainability and craftsmanship.

One year in, with over 130 brands, we are winning over customers, influencers and the media with their sophisticated curation of the most desirable vegan fashion, beauty and homewares products in the world.

IV is also a rich source of information and inspiration for everyone wanting to make a more positive impact through what they buy. They help you navigate the murky waters of ethics and sustainability; and make it easy to find the best brands to get behind.